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Infinite Possibilities

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Infinite Possibilities

Post by Hype on Tue Nov 16, 2010 6:28 pm

I posted this hall of fame shit in a comule of rapboards

anything's possible, if you just put in the effort,
can only fail if you let it, get dismantled to wreckage,
break out your wings and then spread em, this birds gonna fly,
dont get deterred when you try, or you'll get murdered and die,
in a metaphorical sense, cant win a war in defense,
though your support is immense, im sure the fall is intense,
dont let your time go to waste, through all the grime that youve faced,
every cloud's silver, dont let this lining get laced,
youre in possession of potential, so expression is essential,
when you bless these instrumentals, to progress with your credentials,
man the rest is consequntial, let those skills build like karma,
possibilities are infinite, like space, it still gets larger,
and just keeps on growing, man as long as you practise,
its all that im asking, dont get laid on like a mattress,
or your style will be crushed, man youre bound to get fucked,
like date rape, you'll be left confounded and such,
cant lose your patience and shit, cus man youre greater than this,
dont get berated and quit, its runnin straight into bricks,
will cause you nothing but hurt, you gotta stop and assert,
must stay on top and alert, each time youre droppin a verse,
just gotta stand and acclaim, you cant abandon the game,
its actually lame, how you would dismantle your name,
before your goals are attained, like cuttin holes in your veins,
its surely insane, because your fuckin soul will get slain,
theres too much to gain, too much to lose if you fail,
you must endure this assail, then you will surely prevail....
the possibilities are infinite
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Re: Infinite Possibilities

Post by raga4death on Thu Nov 18, 2010 9:39 am

dope shit i read this befor i rhymoholics Hall of fame or somewhere but your a good writer man, keep it up!

Lots of props on droppin this here
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